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Historic Tree In Valle Crucis Topples During Storm, Believed To Be Over 300yrs Old, One Of Oldest In Watauga County

Last Updated on March 26, 2022 2:46 pm

*Editor's Note – As a native of Valle Crucis there is no telling how many times I have driven by this tree during my lifetime, always sad to see a part of the Valle go into the history books. Appreciation to fellow Valle Crucis natives Anita Presnell and Marcia Lusk for sharing photos and history accounts – KR*

A historic part of Valle Crucis is no more after recent storms.

An oak tree, that stood just above the corner of 194 and Lower Crab Orchard Road, toppled over during a storm that passed over the area on Thursday night.

Anita Presnell shared with her history of the tree as told to her by family members: “It was called the old or big oak tree by my great grandfather (born 1886). Gives you an idea of the age,300+ yr old”

Photos:  Marcia Lusk

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