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High Winds & Snow Topples Tree Narrowly Missing Home & Cars

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Last Updated on March 26, 2014 10:31 am

A High Country family is pretty thankful after a large falling tree just narrowly missed their home on Wednesday morning.

Around 5:54am the tree, estimated to be around 50 feet tall, fell at the home of Brad and Robin Price near New Market Center in Boone.

“It went down at just the right angle to miss our vehicles and house” Robin tells

Wind gusts in Boone above 20 mph were first recorded on Tuesday morning at 11:35am and by 3:15pm gusts had crossed the 30 mph range. Just minutes after midnight a 41 mph gust was measured and two different times 47 mph was recorded at 3:35am and 4:55am. Between 3:15am and 7:35am gusts over 40mph were consistent.

Despite the high winds and snow the only reported power outages (as of 10:25am) were in Alleghany County where six outages occurred on Wednesday morning, according to Blue Ridge Electric.

Photos: Robin Price
March 26_Robin Price

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