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High Country Remains Dry For Mid October, Moderate Drought Continues

Last Updated on February 12, 2022 6:37 pm

16 counties in the western end of the state continue to be in the moderate drought status as of this week.

Watauga County remains in moderate drought, after being in abnormally dry status during most of the summer, to no drought for much of August and the first week of September. Ashe County returns to the abnormally dry status, while Avery County remains in moderate drought according to the October 11 update from the North Carolina Drought Management Council.

 Through Tuesday October 11 there has been 2.17 inches of rain officially recorded in Boone, making it the 7th wettest October so far since 1980. For the year 36.53 inches of precipitation has been recorded, making it the 7th driest since 1980.

7 counties in the southwest corner of the state are under severe drought status.

Drought categories are based on streamflow, groundwater levels, the amount of water stored in reservoirs, soil moisture, the time of year and other relevant factors for assessing the extent and severity of dry conditions.

Drought map October 11, 2016 from the North Carolina Drought Management Council


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