Grandfather Mountain announces revamped Adopt-an-Animal Program

LINVILLE, N.C. – Grandfather Mountain, the not-for-profit nature park run by the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation, has revamped its Adopt-an-Animal Program, with gift-level revisions that include the addition of unique artwork created by adopted animals and a new $1,000 donation level featuring personalized videos of the adoptee.

“The changes made to our Adopt-an-Animal Program provide a more personal touch for adopters, as they receive more items related specifically to the individual animal that they have chosen to symbolically adopt,” said Margaret Thiele, vice president of development for the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation. “Giving the adoption program a refresh also makes it more exciting for those who have done multiple adoptions over the years since they will now receive a few different items.”

The $50 adoption donation level now includes a painting made by the animal. To create these exceptional footprint paintings, habitat staff members lead the animal through a special painting enrichment. The animal walks through non-toxic paint and then along sheets of paper inside of their enclosure. The result is a unique piece of art that makes a great addition to all adoptions at the $50 level and above.

Individuals who symbolically adopt one of Grandfather’s animals at the new $1,000 level will receive two personalized videos in addition to all of the other fulfillment items in the program. These new videos will be recorded at different times throughout the year, giving the adopter the unique opportunity to receive updates about their animal and learn fun facts about its behavior during different seasons.

Grandfather Mountain’s Adopt-an-Animal Program directly improves the lives of the animals in the nature park’s care. Since the founding of the Stewardship Foundation in 2009, funds have gone to upgrading the habitats in which these animals live — and to purchase treats, toys and other enrichments to give the animals something fun and different to liven up their day. Additionally, the program offers a personal connection between adopters and their specific resident animal.

“Some guests come back to visit their animal each year and form a loving relationship with them,” said Thiele. “An adopted animal becomes an ambassador for its species as it helps educate people about the animal and may even inspire them to want to protect the natural world.”

The revised program’s adoption levels include:

$25 Level


$50 Level

Includes everything from the $25 level, plus:

$100 Level:

Includes everything from the $50 level, plus:

$250 Level:

Includes everything from the $100 level, plus:

$500 Level:

Includes everything from the $250 level, plus:

$1,000 Level:

Includes everything from the $500 level, plus:

Gifts that benefit the park’s resident animals can also be donated through Grandfather’s Animal Enrichment Amazon Wish List at These items can be shipped directly to the habitat office, can be tax-deductible and, most importantly, boost the physical and mental well-being of our resident animals.

For more information on the Adopt-an-Animal Program, visit

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