Gas Prices On The Rise As AAA Carolinas Reveals Top Spring Travel Destinations

Last Updated on March 15, 2016 10:43 am

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (MARCH, 14, 2016) – Thousands of Carolinians will enjoy spring travel with a road trip as gas prices continue their upward swing.  AAA Carolinas revealed their top spring destinations today.

AAA top driving destinations for members in the Carolinas are:

1. Myrtle Beach, SC
2. Orlando, FL
3. Charleston, SC
4. Branson, MO
5. Las Vegas, NV

“While we've become accustomed to seeing Myrtle Beach, Orlando and Charleston on the list it's interesting to point out that Carolinians are seeking out longer drives for their spring vacations, said Sarah Henshall, Senior Vice President of Travel and Branch Operations at AAA Carolinas. “Cheaper gas prices have led to more money in travelers' wallets and as a result, a longer drive becomes a more attractive option.”

While gas prices in the Carolinas are about 50 to 65 cents cheaper than this time last year, they are still on the rise across most of the country as refineries undergo scheduled maintenance to prepare for the busy summer driving season, which slows production.

The lower price of crude oil and abundant supplies should keep a ceiling on how high gas prices move in the coming months, and barring any unexpected disruptions in supply, drivers should continue to benefit from relative savings at the pump.

As far as other modes of transportation for vacationers, AAA Carolinas revealed that cruising is a popular booking this Spring Break. The top cruise destinations are:

1. Bahamas
2. Western Caribbean
3. Eastern Caribbean
4. Southern Caribbean
5. Mediterranean

Top Leisure Vacation Packages (could include, air, car, hotel, sight-seeing) are:

1. Walt Disney World
2. Universal Orlando
3. Cancun
4. Jamaica
5. Las Vegas
To maximize a spring vacation, AAA recommends travelers seek the advice and expertise of a trusted travel agent who can provide personalized service and first-hand destination knowledge to create a memorable vacation experience.

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