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Flood Washes Out Road Access To Adam’s Apple Drive Homes

Last Updated on March 26, 2022 2:51 pm

The remnants of flooding has left residents in the Adam's Apple Drive area without full road access.

Approximately 25 homes are impacted, according to the office of Watauga County Emergency Management. The wash out is about 30 foot across and  15 feet deep.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday WCEM noted, “We greatly appreciate the assistance from Appalachian State EM and Police with their aerial capabilities for flood damage assessment yesterday. This road is the only vehicular access to approximately 25 homes. Efforts continue today in developing a plan for fixing the road and also getting immediate foot access for the homeowners.”

Adams Apple Drive is in Avery County but located right at the Watauga/Avery line.

Photos provided by Jaybird Aerial Photography, LLC show the damage.

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