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First Day Of Spring 2016 Brings Snow

Last Updated on March 20, 2016 7:18 pm

The calendar was marked as the first day of Spring 2016, but natives and long time residents know that Old Man Winter doesn't always pay attention to the calendar. It's not uncommon for the High Country to get snow around the first day of Spring, or Easter, and there was plenty of it flying around on Sunday afternoon. Anywhere from light flurries to steady snow was reported into the Watauga Roads & Weather social media outlets starting mid afternoon.

The National Weather Service had forecast snow for the weekend as early as mid-week, but fortunately with ground temperatures as warm as they have been over the last 11-15 days it was not expected to cause an impact accumulation wise.

Below are some sights and sounds as the snow fell on Sunday.

A video posted by Adelyn Feather (@addykate92) on

Photo: Tricia Widener
Photo: Tricia Widener
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