Deaf & Hard Of Hearing Driver’s License Distinction Measure Moves Ahead

Last Updated on April 11, 2017 6:05 pm

A measure introduced in the North Carolina House that would allow police officers to recognize they are dealing with a deaf or hard of hearing motorist is moving along in the Senate. House Bill 84 would allow a motorist that is deaf or hard of hearing, at their request, to have a unique numerical identifier on the front of the person's license that would allow law enforcement to recognize they are dealing with an individual with the impairment. The process of adding the identifier would be completely voluntary, and would not require a medical exam or certification.

The measure would also establish minimum educational and training standards for employment and continuing education for officers concerning recognizing and appropriately interacting with persons who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The bill was introduced in early February and since that time passed three readings in the House and moved to the Senate. On Monday (April 10) it passed the first Senate reading and has moved on to the Committee for Rules and Operations.

*Reminder: A bill has to pass three readings in the Legislative branch it was introduced in, before moving to the next branch (Senate to House or House to Senate) for consideration and readings. If it passes three readings in the next branch, then it goes back to the original branch it was introduced in to be approved and then moves on to be enrolled and signed into law. For a more in depth explanation visit this link*  


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