Continued solid waste issues at the Cottages of Boone, Sheriff’s Office and county take action

Last Updated on October 21, 2021 3:04 pm

Continued solid waste issues at The Cottages of Boone have resulted in the Sheriff's Office and the county taking action.

On August 23, 2021, a complaint was received regarding a large amount of trash piling up on Fallview Lane and Mesa Circle, according to Sheriff Len Hagaman and Major Kelly Redmon.  The complainant stated that there were several dumpsters on the property that have not been emptied since July 20th.  Trash was piling up around the dumpsters, in front of several residences, and scattered throughout The Cottages property.

On August 26, 2021, the area was inspected and of four roll-off dumpsters on The Cottages property, each were filled to capacity and overflowing.  Trash was being piled around the dumpsters.  Further inspection revealed several units with a significant amount of trash and furniture piled in front of them. Trash and furniture were also observed scattered throughout the property.  The property manager; Rosa Hernandez was contacted about the issue, according to the Sheriff and Major Redmon.  Ms. Hernandez stated that she has scheduled the dumpster for pick up and had emailed all the residences to have their vehicles moved so that this can be done.  Their trash removal company is supposed to drop off empty containers, when they pick up the full ones.  She was notified about the Watauga County solid waste ordinance and what needs to be done immediately to remedy this issue. The Cottages were given 10 days to bring their property into compliance, which they were able to do, according to the Sheriff and Major.

The property was re-inspected again on September 21 and had fallen back out of compliance. Again the Cottages were given 10 days to comply with management then requested an extension.  Each time there was some effort on the Cottages part to abate the ongoing trash issue, according to the Sheriff and Major.

The last site visit by deputies was on October 15, 2021, and it did not appear that progress was being made to establish a systematic plan to keep green boxes and roll-away containers emptied, according to the Sherrif and Major.

On October 15th Watauga County attorney Anthony DiSanti issued a citation notice that has been served on the property manager in person and mailed to corporate offices of The Cottages.

They have until October 29th to correct the issues. If that is not completed satisfactorily to the inspector, the fine will be $100 per day until the property is in full compliance with the solid waste ordinance, according to the Sheriff and Major.

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