Colder Weather and Two Varieties Of Snow

Last Updated on October 2, 2022 5:21 pm

With the colder weather today two ski resorts in the mountains started making snow, while Mother Nature is providing some of her own.

We received reports earlier today about very fine snow in parts of the High Country, but the reports have picked up in the 10pm hour tonight. This afternoon both Sugar Mtn & Cataloochee ski resorts starting making snow.

Via a twitter report around 10:45pm “snowing steadily just east of Mountain City, TN. Also flurries reported in Ashe County via twitter.

Before the clouds and snow move in totally Barry Houck shared this picture of the moon

by Barry Houck Photoworks
Great shot of the moon by Barry Houck Photoworks, Nov 10.

Brad Panovich passes along via twitter this graphic and explains that “Strong vorticity moving into the Central Appalachians right now, this will produce our snow tonight”

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