Boone Police Warns Of Solicitation Phone Call Claiming To Be From Chief Dana Crawford

Last Updated on July 5, 2018 1:46 pm

The Boone Police Department is warning of a scam they have been made aware of.

According to a social media post, “Public Service Announcement: One of our officers just received a phone call from “Chief Dana Crawford of the Boone Police Department” with a foreign accent. The “Chief” was asking for money to give to our officers. While we do love the idea of foreign “activists” trying to get our officers more money, the real Chief Crawford wants everyone to know this is an scam.”

In April the Watauga County Sheriff's Office warned that they had received several reports from individuals who were receiving telephone calls from someone claiming to be an officer with the WCSO.

In February, North Carolina Department of Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey warned Medicare recipients to be on alert for scams involving new cards. More information on that scam at this link.

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