Boone Police Warning Of Fake $100 Bills Being Used Locally

Last Updated on December 21, 2017 9:59 am

The Boone Police Department have received multiple recent reports of counterfeit $100 bills being used at local businesses.

The Department is reminding the public to scrutinize bills and call 911 if you suspect a bad bill is being or has recently been passed.

In August of this year, Crime Stoppers and Blowing Rock Police were seeking the public's help in identifying a unknown black male and two unknown black females presenting counterfeit $100 bills at several stores at Shops on the Parkway. In March 2016 the Boone Police also sent out a warning about counterfeit bills.

Forbes magazine offers three easy ways to tell if money is counterfeit:

Genuine US currency, which is printed on a mix of cotton and linen, has a completely different feel than regular paper.

Every denomination higher than the $1 has a security thread running vertically through the note.

Look for the watermark in the “open” space of each note higher than $1.

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