Boone Police Unveil New Shoulder Patch

Last Updated on October 31, 2014 3:00 pm

Boone Police Officers will be proudly displaying new shoulder patches starting Monday, November 3, 2014. The new shoulder patch is the result of a collaborative effort within the Department to achieve a more distinctive look that is unique to Boone.

“The idea for a new shoulder patch started several years ago when we, as a department, started identifying areas we would like to change to establish an identity unique to Boone. We are very fortunate to have officers that are willing to serve our community unselfishly and see our profession as a calling and a privilege. We wanted a patch that echoed that commitment and reflected the historical aspects of this community and its heritage.” – Chief of Police Dana B. Crawford

The new shoulder patch is derived from several sketches completed by members of the Department. It incorporates the bronze statue of Daniel Boone located on the Appalachian State University Campus created by the late Sherry Edwards, a former professor at the university, as the focal point and is used by permission of the Appalachian State University Foundation. A North Carolina based company, The Emblem Authority, produced the final version of the patch.

The patch being retired first appeared around 1976/77 according to Sheriff Len Hagaman, who was the Boone Police administrator at the time under Chief of Police Clyde Tester. “The 1976/77 patch replaced a generic police patch that didn’t identify Boone specifically. The generic patch was similar in design but smaller.” The first version of the patch being retired had “Town of Boone” as the top text. This was later changed to “City of Boone” before being amended in 2000 to “Boone”.
In the past, both the shoulder patch that is being retired and a rendering of the Boone Police Department badge have been used as logos for the Department. The new patch will be the identifying logo for the Boone Police Department moving forward and will appear on patrol vehicles, department website, social media feeds, and print material.


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