Boone Police Implement New Burglar Alarm Ordinance

Last Updated on July 24, 2015 10:51 am

False burglar alarms have become a measurable problem for the Boone Police Department. In 2013, Boone Police responded to over 1,300 false alarms. Efforts taken in 2014, to include warning citations, have resulted in some reduction, however false burglar alarms remain a significant burden on taxpayer resources.

Starting September 1, 2015, these warning citations will take on new significance as Boone Police implement a new alarm ordinance. Beginning that day, alarm users will be allowed two false alarm warnings in a 180 day rolling period. If additional false alarms are received in that same period, users will face civil fines and limited response to the subject business or home address.

Alarm users are encouraged to view the new ordinance at the Town of Boone’s website. Tips for preventing false alarms are also available on the Police Department’s section of the website.

A burglar alarm should only be activated when a criminal act is occurring, such as a break in or hold up. All other activations, including acts of nature, user error, and equipment malfunction are false activations and subject to the new ordinance. Boone Police ask those in their jurisdiction to take steps to reduce false alarms in anticipation of enforcement of the new ordinance. Less false alarms will allow for greater safety for your Police Officers and better customer service for all alarm users.

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