Boone Police Department reminds motorists of crosswalk procedures

Last Updated on February 11, 2022 10:25 am

The Boone Police Department is reminding motorists of procedures at two crosswalks in town, one on 105 and one on Hardin Street.

“We've noticed that some don't really know what to do here.🤔“, the department posted on Facebook.

“Do I stop? Wait. It's flashing… Do I go?! Stop blowing your horn at me!!!”

Ok. So here's the deal.

SOLID RED: You completely stop.

Let the people (and dogs sometimes) walk across the street.

FLASHING RED: Treat it like a stop sign. Proceed forward if no one is in the crosswalk.

And there you go. May we all have traffic harmony. ✌️

Drive safe everyone.

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