Boone Police To Begin Issuing Warning Citations for False Alarm Calls

Last Updated on December 19, 2014 1:38 pm

The Boone Police Department continues to ask the public’s assistance with reducing false burglar alarms.

Starting January 1st, 2015 the Police Department will begin issuing warning citations to businesses and homes that generate false alarm calls.  These will be warnings only, requiring no specific response by the business or homeowner, but will refer to the Town of Boone Code of Ordinances, chapter 90, and will be marked “false alarm”.

Boone Police ask that the public consider an alarm activation as being similar to a 911 call.  Any time an alarm is triggered and there is not an actual or attempted break in or holdup in progress is a false alarm.  Boone Police respond to an average of 1,300 false burglar alarm calls per year.  Because each alarm must be taken seriously, valuable taxpayer resources are wasted.  The Police Department is asking that alarm users make every effort to eliminate false alarms.

The Town of Boone Code of Ordinances, including the Chapter 90 “Alarm Systems” ordinance, is available online at  Additional burglar alarm guidance can be found at and questions can be directed to Sergeant Matt Stevens at 828-268-6936 or

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