Boone Fire Department wants residents to “Adopt a Hydrant”

Last Updated on January 3, 2022 2:03 pm

With the recent winter storm, you or your snow removal contractor may have covered your hydrant with snow when plowing or shoveling your property. Now is the time to clear out around the hydrant. As the temperature dips this evening and in the nights ahead, the fresh wet snow will freeze solid. The ice will be more difficult to clear. Please clear an area 3 feet in diameter around your hydrant and make sure it is still visible from the street.

Please follow these same steps for future storms. When spring arrives, make sure there are no trees, shrubs, fences or other items within this same 3-foot diameter around your hydrant.

Water is our number one weapon to extinguish fire on your property and every second counts. Your valuable efforts now will save us time locating, accessing and using the hydrant when needed.

It could mean the difference in protecting a home.

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