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Avery County Postpones Trick or Treating

Last Updated on October 31, 2012 1:25 pm

“This is an announcement from David Burleson, Superintendent of the Avery County Schools and Kevin Frye, Avery County Sheriff.”

Due to the cold weather, hazardous conditions which remain on the side roads and the possibly of deteriorating conditions as temperatures fall after dark, we are asking all parents and children to postpone Halloween until Friday night. Many towns, communities and churches in our area have already postponed their activities for these reasons, and we feel it is in the best and greatest interest for the safety of our children and motoring public to follow this action county wide.

At this time it appears the towns of Newland and Banner Elk will hold Halloween festivities on Friday evening as was planned for tonight. We urge everyone to contact the various churches and other organizations for their scheduled events, as these may be set for different dates.

Again we are asking all parents and children postpone Halloween until Friday, November 2nd, so please help us to keep all the children and citizens safe by following this request.

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