ASU Football Traffic Info

Last Updated on September 16, 2011 2:41 pm

According to there are a couple of changes for home game #2

***NEW*** • Postgame traffic on Stadium Drive will be two-lane egress to Rivers Street. There will not be vehicle access up Stadium Drive (from Rivers Street) from the end of the game until up to — but not limited to — 30 minutes after the end of the game to aid in easier traffic flow out of the Stadium lots.

***NEW*** • Vehicles in the left lane coming from the stadium will ONLY be permitted to make a left turn at the corner of Stadium Drive and Rivers Street while vehicles in the right lane will ONLY be permitted to make a right turn. This will be strictly enforced to ensure an efficient exit from all parking lots accessed from Stadium Drive. Please see the map to the right for more details (click on map to enlarge).

• When the game has completed, NC Highway Patrol and ASU Parking and Traffic will hold all the traffic from the lots on Stadium Drive to allow the majority of the pedestrian traffic to clear the stadium area safely without moving vehicles out of the lots.

• After 15 minutes, the NC Highway Patrol will clear stadium drive of all pedestrians and then open all lots around the stadium for vehicle egress.

• The reasons for holding the vehicles in lots around the stadium are two-fold: First, holding the vehicles in the lots will allow the pedestrian traffic to clear the lots and areas around the stadium, which reduces the risk of car and pedestrian accidents. Secondly, there is a strong feeling that this will expedite traffic flow out of the Stadium lots once the significantly reduced. This is an approach used successfully at NASCAR events and other venues.

• Like it does for many other projects and initiatives, ASU athletics will conduct a review of traffic, pedestrian and other game day issues after each game and adjust accordingly. Traffic will be stopped up to 15 minutes postgame. Please take this opportunity to grab a sandwich and enjoy your tailgating spot and your fellow Yosef members and listen to the “Skyline/Skybest 5th Quarter” postgame show with David Jackson and crew on 97.3 FM or AM 1450.

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