$50,000 scratch off winning ticket sold at local store

Last Updated on April 20, 2021 8:41 am

A winning $50,000 scratch off ticket has been claimed at a local community store.

The winning ticket was sold at the Plan B Store in Meat Camp.

Plan B Store owner Melinda Greene tells WataugaOnline exclusively, “The ticket was bought from me Friday afternoon (16th). The player had played a few games with little luck and was about to leave when he decided to get the Jumbo Bucks $10 card. He scratched it right in front of me at the counter and immediately started acting strange. He had me look at it to verify that it DID have the numbers. I then scanned it, gave it back to him and had him sign the back. He then left and called the lottery commission and was able to go this morning to cash it in.”

Greene also added, “Oh he had picked up a dime off the floor earlier and had mentioned it was going to be lucky. That is indeed the dime he scratched it with.”

The North Carolina Lottery Commission is the official authority to announce the winner. WataugaOnline will update as that information is available

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