42nd Annual Woolly Worm Festival Prediction Results

Last Updated on October 28, 2019 6:06 am

The results from Saturday's Woolly Worm Festival are in. The winning worm was Wild Worm Will owned by Leslee Brown of Wilmington, NC.

The official forecast from the winning worm, according to the Avery County Chamber of Commence, is:

Two Weeks- Black- Above Average-Snow +1 inch
Two Weeks- Fleck-Below Average Light Snow/Frost
One Week- Black– Above Average-Snow +1 inch
Two Weeks- Lt Brown-Above Average
Four Weeks-Brown/Amber-Average
One Week-Fleck- Below Average Light Snow/Frost
Two Weeks-Light Brown–Above Average

According to the offiical Wooly Worm Festival website, “There are 13 body segments in a Woolly Worm and 13 weeks in the winter season. Each body segment of the winning Woolly Worm corresponds to that week’s weather.”

Avery County's Average Mean Temperature for winter is 27 degrees

Jason DeWitt, Tommy Burleson, Leslee Brown, worm -Wild Worm Will
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