421 Updates – Road Is Back Open

Last Updated on October 28, 2011 5:01 am

9:35am – Per scanner 421 is back open

9:33am – Via scanner traffic Bulldog Road is being open back up. 421 is still closed for now, should be reopen soon.

9:19 – information we're getting indicates that both situations were caused by the same tractor and trailer, no more information available yet.

9am – Johnson County Emergency Management facebook page is reporting that 421 should be open within the hour

7:12am – nothing new to pass along other than it appears it's going to take several hours to get both wrecks cleaned up.

6:47am – per scanner information Trade TN is requesting traffic control help from Watauga at the intersection of 421/67. Traffic is being allowed to go toward Boone but not Tennessee.

6:23am – Boone Fire department Haz-Mat unit has just been dispatched to the diesel fuel wreck on 421 at Woody's Fireworks (per scanner)

6:20am – According to WMCT radio in Mountain City (, 421 traffic from Tennessee is being detoured onto 321, 321 just past the Butler bridge is the detour route. No traffic is being allowed into Tennessee.

6:11am – Update 2 wrecks on 421 – a 4500 gallon tank of liquid nitrogen is involved in one wreck near Bulldog Road in Johnson County, TN, and in the second wreck a 150 gallon tank of diesel is involved near Woody's Fireworks. 421 is closed to traffic heading into Tennessee.

6am- updated report indicates its a 150 gallon tank that's involved in the wreck

5:48- The report we're getting is that at least one tractor & trailer has wrecked hauling liquid nitrogen in Johnson County, near Bulldog Road. 

421 is shut down completely at skate world for traffic heading into Tennessee is the report we're getting. More info as it becomes available.

Updated- 5:19am
421 is shut down completely at skate world. 2 tractor & trailers have wrecked hauling liquid nitrogen in Johnson County, TN. One wreck occurred near Bulldog Road in Johnson County, details are sketchy about the location of a possible second wreck. No word yet on how long 421 will be closed.

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