100 Hydrocodone Pills Intercepted

Last Updated on October 2, 2022 5:27 pm

Officers with the Municipal Drug Task Force and the Avery County Sheriff's office intercepted 100 Hydrocodone pills being mailed from California.

The Drug Task Force received information over one month ago from the Watauga County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Division. A confidential informant gave information that illegal drugs were being shipped in from California to Plum Tree. Officer Vance with the Drug Task Force began an investigation. Officer Vance contacted the postal service and confirmed that packages were being sent to Robert Mathes atleast once a week. Officer Vance coordinated with the postal service and intercepted a package that contained 100 Vicodin tablets.

Officers with the Avery County Sheriffs Office went to Mathes' residence. Officers Found where money had been electronically sent to California. Packages and bottles where pills had been sent in the mail in the past were found. Mathes admitted to selling the pills to various people in Avery County. Over 1000 pills has been sent to Mathes from California via US Mail.

Mathes is currently held in the Avery County Jail. Mathes was charge with Trafficking opium and Possession with intent to Sale Hydrocodone. Bond was set at $175,000. Mathes could also face Federal charges. Packages sent via US Postal Service are easily tracked, records are also maintained.

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