Possible North Carolina tornadoes tonight


Possible tornadoes touched down across Burke and Rutherford counties earlier tonight. Reports are that as many as 30-35 homes are severely damaged.

Here’s a list of some links to check out information from that area:

BurkeWeather.org, BurkeWeather.org facebook page WCNC-TV36.

Twitter pages: Brad Panovich, Meghan Danahey, Jason Houck , Cynthia Wadsworth Red Cross

[lg_image folder=”January 2012/” image=”ellenborotornado011112.jpg” caption=”via Brad Panovich via WLOS ABC 13 & Twitter” align=”center” display=”thumb”]

[lg_image folder=”January 2012/” image=”ellenborotornado2011112.jpg” caption=”via WCNC facebook page” align=”center” display=”thumb”]


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